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Seasonal and Permanent Lighting

When it comes to setting up your new lighting, the expert team at Roy's Lighting Service in Ottawa, Ontario, handles any and all projects. From replacing burnt-out light bulbs in parking lot lamps to installing Christmas lights, those needs are taken care of quickly and professionally.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Catering mostly to businesses, our lighting service is done professionally, as we supply all the materials and more. Our maintenance for lights includes washing, re-lamping, and retro fits. The lighting types we provide include:

    Florescent - Neon - LED - Incandescent - And More

Parking Lot with Lighting

Parking Lot Lights

For parking lot lights, we provide maintenance and cleaning. We also do re-lamping, which means we change all the burned-out bulbs. We cater to small and large businesses, along with property managers. An estimate is provided upon request. Hiring us is easy, since we offer the convenience of working with your schedule. All you need to do is make an appointment, and we head out to provide service.

Christmas Lighting Rental and Installation

Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we help you get your building into the holiday spirit. We decorate trees and shrubs in your yard with lights that you rent from us. These rented lights are offered in incandescent and LED varieties. Both the installation and taking down are handled by us. When the lights are removed is up to you. You may also purchase the Christmas lights from us.